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Why does the temperature of motor in briquette machine rise?

The motor temperature of the briquette machine should be constant under the condition of normal working. If the temperature of motor increases, the production need to be stopped and repaired immediately. Why does the temperature of motor rise? The following are seven reasons and maintenance methods according to our years of experience in production and processing. We hope it may help in your production.

briquette machine

1. The load of the briquette machine is too large. Check the supply of materials of briquette machine.
2. Two phases operation of briquette machine. Check the wires, switches and contacts of briquette machine.
3. The bearing of briquette machine is damaged. Replace the bearing and add lubricating oil.
4. The air duct of briquette machine blocks. Remove the debris of briquette machine and dredge the air duct.
5. The environment temperature of briquette machine is higher. Cooling measures should be taken to make the environment temperature lower.
6. The voltage of briquette machine is instable. Adjust the voltage of briquette machine.
7. The rotor winding or indirect short circuit of briquette machine. Inspect the cause of the failure and then get rid of it.

Briquette machine can be used to process waste materials into briquettes and charcoal, like wood scraps, twigs, straw, furfural residues, bagasse, mushroom rods and a series of carbonaceous materials. The charcoal produced by briquette machine is a kind of environmental protection, smoke-free, tasteless and non-toxic fuel. It is indispensable in people's daily life. In the past, the charcoal was only used for industrial purpose and now it has been used in barbecue, heating and hot pot as replacement of coal or other fuels.

Resources recycling has become the key of all industries. Briquette machine is the new product under the theme of cyclic utilization. As professional briquette machine manufacturer, we always put quality as the goal of production and use the good quality equipment to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. 

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