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What's the reason for uneven density of briquettes?

Briquette machine is an important equipment in the production of briquettes and charcoal. It plays a decisive role in the quality of charcoal produced. In the daily production process, the density of briquettes produced by many manufactures can not up to the requirements due to the improper operation in the use of briquette machine, thus affecting the quality of the final charcoal.

briquetting density of briquette machine
According to the equipment composition of the briquette machine, the period when the material is fed into the briquette machine after crushing is often the cause that the density of briquette can not meet the requirements, which mainly because of the raw materials. When choosing the raw materials for making briquettes, sawdust and other high quality wood materials should be used first. Second, the size of the material after crushing should be considered and avoid feeding too large material into the briquette machine. Besides, you need to consider the moisture content of materials. During the process of using the briquette machine, there are also many other factors that would influence the density of briquettes. In addition to the raw materials, you should also pay attention to other factors such as temperature fluctuations and temperature control mode.

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Temperature fluctuations and temperature control methods are the main factors influencing the density of briquettes. In the process of making briquettes with briquette machine, temperature fluctuations would lead to the change of viscosity of raw material, then affect pressure and flow rate fluctuations, leading to uneven density of briquette produced by briquette machine. When the operator is controlling the temperature of the machine, it would also make the density of briquette uneven if the control of temperature is improper.
In use process of making briquettes with briquette machine, there are many factors that may make the density of briquette fail to meet the requirements, not just the factors mentioned in this article. In the daily production process, accumulating more experience can avoid the density of briquettes below the requirements.

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