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What should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of straw briquette machine?

Straw briquette machine is an essential equipment in the production of straw briquettes. Then, what should be noted in the use and maintenance of straw briquette machine?

straw briquette machine

(1) After the straw briquette machine is installed, check whether the installation is in place and whether the screws are fastened. For belt driving briquette machine, check whether the motor belt pulley is parallel to the spindle pulley, and check whether the belt tensioning is appropriate. For gear driving models, check whether the gears are adequate.
(2) The straw briquette machine should be placed on flat, dry hardened ground and it can be fixed with cement.
(3) Before starting the straw briquette machine, turn the pressure feed wheel by hand, and check whether its running is flexible. Then, check whether the rotation direction of the rotor is correct and whether the lubrication parts of briquette machine are in good condition, etc.
(4) There should be 1 to 2 minutes idling after starting the briquette machine. Feed if there is no abnormal phenomenon. Feeding of material should be even. If the phenomenon of noise, too high temperature of bearing and machine body or outward spraying of material are found, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check and troubleshooting.
(5) The operator of straw briquette machine should carefully check the biomass briquettes raw material and prevent metal, stones and other hard objects from entering the compression room and causing machine damage.
(6) The straw briquette machine should be filled with lubricating oil in the pressing wheel and spindle bearing after every 10 hours of working.
(7) After working for 300 hours, it is necessary to clean the bearing of pressure wheel and replace the lubricating oil.
(8) After 1, 500 hours of operation, the spindle bearing of straw briquette machine should be cleaned and replaced with the lubrication.
(9) Stop feeding before the straw briquette machine stops, and after the material in the machine is discharged, the power can be cut off. Clean and maintain the straw briquette machine after shutdown. Loosen the belt when it is down for a long time to prevent the belt damage.

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