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What parts of briquette machine are vulnerable?

There are basically three kinds of vulnerable parts in briquette machine: the forming sleeve, the propeller and the heating ring. However, these three types of vulnerable parts are not particularly "vulnerable". Generally speaking, users don’t need to worry about it within half a year after purchasing the briquette machine. These parts will be aging and wear with the production and use of briquette machine equipment when exceeding the time limit. At the same time, this time period is for users who use the briquette machine everyday with certain amount of charcoal output. If the briquette machine is used every 3 ~ 5 days and the maintenance of briquette machine equipment is able to be made after each production of charcoal, then the service life of these parts can be prolonged to 1 year or so.

vulnerable parts in briquette machine
Material leakage of the forming sleeve in briquette machine is one of the common fault phenomena in the production of briquette machine, which may caused by many reasons. Mainly the following several aspects should be checked:
1. The sealing ring on the forming sleeve of briquette machine wears in the production that there would be leakage of material around the shaft and the driving wheel. Then, users need to replace the sealing ring.
2. The large nut on the forming sleeve is not fixed, causing the material leakage around the hole in the bottom of the briquette machine.
3. Weld of forming sleeve on briquette machine is bad that the seam cracks or stretching is uneven. Some places are too thin to cause rupture and need to be repaired and replaced in time.
Users need to observe the molding of briquettes and charcoal in the production of briquette machine carefully and beware of the accidental loss of raw materials.

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