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Wet wood material processing in production of biomass briquette machine

Wet wood materials are quite common in the forestry. Raining and heavy frog often lead to high moisture of wood materials when we use the biomass processing equipment. While when using wood crusher machine to process wet wood materials, if the materials are fed into the wood crusher machine directly with excessive humidity, it would not only reduce the crushing efficiency, more seriously it may cause blockage of wood crusher machine. In addition, it would affect the quality of charcoal or biomass briquette seriously when processing in the biomass briquette machine. Therefore, drying treatment should be made before the crushing of the wet materials. The drying of wood materials should be made under quality wood drying conditions, using the appropriate targeted wet processing technology and equipment of wood drying. It is a process of continuous removing of the moisture in wood materials.

briquette machine and wood crusher

The moisture content contained in wet wood materials
The moisture in wet wood materials includes free water, absorbed water and combined water. Free water is the moisture in big capillary system of wood, and the absorbed water is the moisture in micro capillary of wood. The absorbed water content in the wood is different according to different raw materials of wood, which is generally about 20% - 35%. The water can be removed from the wood after overcoming the binding force of micro capillary. Thus, it is not easy to remove this type of moisture. While the combined water is contained in the chemical composition of wood. The combined water content is lower of about 1% and can't be removed in the drying process, thus, it can be negligible.

Concept of wood material drying
1. The moisture content of wood: wood moisture ratio. The ratio of the weight of wood with moisture content and the weight of the dried wood is called the absolute moisture content, moisture content for short and represented by W.
2. Electrical measuring method: with the development of modern science and technology, electrical measuring method can be used to test the moisture content of wood based on the relationship of electrical properties and moisture content of wood. Resistance type wood moisture content meter is commonly used.
3. Saturation point of wood fiber in the raw material: when the wood just being cut down, there are a lot of capillary in it which is in high moisture content. When the moisture in the capillary evaporates, and the absorbed water in the capillary system is in the saturated state.( intersection of free water and the absorbed water) wood fiber saturation point is the turning point of material variation. The increase or decrease of absorbed water can lead to the swelling or shrinkage of wood and affect the dimension stability and other wood physics properties of wood products.
4. The equilibrium moisture content of wood: place a piece of wood in the hot wet air over a period of time, the moisture in wood will no longer be exchanged with moisture in the air and the moisture content in equilibrium state is called the equilibrium moisture content of the air condition.

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