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Briquette Making Machines Can Rescue Forests from Depletion

In Tanzania, Japan volunteers is supplying briquettes making machine countrywide at subsidized prices in order to control the ongoing tons of destruction of forests, basically used a major source of household fuel. In the near future, the problem maybe controlled effectively.

The government takes efforts to stop encroachment of desert through tree planting campaigns and conservation of the environment. The briquette machine is produced by the Kilimanjaro Industrial Development Trust. It will help the country address the challenge of environmental degradation and one of the strategies was to persuasively share information with the public on the benefits of using briquettes made out of materials usually discarded as useless.

Briquette Machine Briquettes

The briquette making machine can help solve the biggest environmental challenge of indiscriminate felling of trees. Majority of households use firewood or charcoal for cooking.
Also Japan is ready to lower the price of supplied in large quantities for use countrywide. The production of briquettes locally has proven a relevant technology which is friendly to the environment. "Briquettes are made out of sawdust or grain chaff such as rice husks, straws among others that are compressed to form blocks of about 36 cm of which just three 'sticks' of a total value of 900/- (that means 300/- a piece) are quite enough for a day's family fuel needs.

The machine received today has a value of 100m/-," Eng Elisa explained. Clarifying on the advanced level of communication with JICA over the subject, Elisa said due to the relevance of the machine, negotiations are underway to seek the possibility of producing them in the country to facilitate the availability at affordable costs for institutions and individuals.

He urged Tanzanians to support KIDT through buying their other products such as assorted tableware, insulators, blanks for gears and pulleys, manhole covers, hammers, solid shafts, charcoal stoves, weighing scale bodies, train brake blocks among others. The engineer noted production increase will be beneficial to KIDT as it struggles to meet market demand and will consequently help conserve the environment because people will shun cutting trees.

The state-of-the -art briquette machine or briquette press was made by Tromso Company from Japan and will make production much easier as the one that was being used is outdated. "KIDT has received the rightful boost by getting this machine because we need it so much because we were producing so little briquettes. JICA has really made us a great favour and now we are sure of a steady production," said the jovial manager.

Speaking at the function, Kilimanjaro Regional Administrative Secretary, Dr Faisal Issa thanked the Japanese Government for the suitable donation which offers an alternative in fuel consumption without exerting pressure on the environment. He said the machine had been donated at the opportune time as the regional authorities wage war against random tree cutting. "It is time the community shift to 'kuni bora', Issa appealed.

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Three important factors upon briquettes quality
Quality of briquettes in the first place shall be guaranteed to lay a foundation for charcoal production. Both theories and practices have solidly proved that the moisture content of material, briquette machine propeller and proper temperature are the three irreplaceable factors for manufacturing supreme-quality charcoal.

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