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The advantages and production process of wood briquette machine

Wood briquette machine is high quality environmental friendly equipment that can process agriculture and forestry waste into charcoal without adding chemical additives in the production. The charcoal produced has high efficiency, smokeless, non-toxic and tasteless. The raw materials, production process and production cost of wood briquette machine is accord with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection. The following is a comprehensive analysis on the effect, production process and advantages of wood briquette machine.
production process of briquette machine

1. Positive effect
Traditional charcoal production would cause serious damage to the forest resources of our country. Thus, our government made a number of protection and improvement of ecological environment of policies and regulations from the height of sustainable development with complete prohibition on deforestation of natural forests and strictly limit the use of natural forest. Making charcoal with wastes of agriculture and forestry is strongly supported and policy documents have issued to give policy support.
2. Production process
Production process of wood briquette machine: material crushing, drying, briquetting and carbonizing. Main equipment: wood crusher machine, dryer, wood briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Briquette machine is the special machinery for making charcoal. It has automatic temperature control and the density of briquettes can be adjusted to guarantee the quality of briquettes. Branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products can be used as raw materials through pulverization, pressing and forming to replace traditional coal and it is called "straw charcoal". It's a new kind of fuel.
3. Production and processing procedures:
Crush the raw material with wood crusher machine and dry the raw material to make its length and moisture content within the prescribed scope: send the raw material by feeding machine (belt conveyor) or artificial uniformly to the feeding port of wood briquette machine to get the raw material pressed into briquettes. Then, the briquettes can be carbonized in the carbonizing furnace to get final product - charcoal.

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