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Use of Straw Charcoal

With the development of global economy, the demand for energy is increasing. As a kind of new energy, straw charcoal is also highly demanded around the world, which directly promote the development of straw charcoal processing equipment, such as the briquette machine and carbonizing furnace to realize the industrial production and wide application of straw charcoal.

Straw charcoal, a newly developed environment-friendly replacement for firewood, raw coal and natural gas, is extensively applied in the field of domestic stove and fireplace, heating system, hot water boiler, industrial boiler and biomass power plant and biomass gasification. Featuring cleanness and low costs and competitive marketing prices all over the world, the renewable biomass energy can provide heating resource and power to hotels, restaurants, bath centers and so on, in a bid to cater to the urgent demands for replaceable energy. As we all know, the costs of fossil fuel are about 10 times higher than straw charcoal, which poses behemoth pressure upon energy consumption.

    Cotton stalks  Maize stalks Peanut shell       
Raw material for straw charcoal mainly refers to such agricultural ingredients and crops as maize stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice husk and peanut shell, also including tree branches and twigs, sawdust. Besides, dregs of edible fungus, furfural residue and Chinese medicine residue are also qualified to be processed into biomass charcoal. Industrial and domestic garbage are applicable as well.

Advantages of straw charcoal:
1.Eco-friendly and less carbon emission in the atmosphere
2. Easy for store and transmit
3. Easy to get the raw material for making straw charcoal
4. High thermal value and less cost for heating

Straw Charcoal

Application of straw charcoal:
Straw charcoal is a kind of green energy which can be used to replace the coal as the most important energy resource for room heating or other heating system, especially in rural area which are full of straw during the harvest time. In the future, as the technology of briquette machine gets more mature and developed, the large scale straw charcoal can be realized, it can be applied for commercial use like power consumption, which may bring more benefits for our daily life.
Thermal value of some biomass materials:
Dregs of edible fungus and furfural residue: 3500-4000 Kcal
Straw charcoal like corn stalks, wheat straw and reed: about 3800-4200Kcal
Tree twigs and bark: 4200-4500Kcal
Different kinds of industrial and domestic garbage possess distinguished thermal values.

In the production of straw charcoal, the quality and performance of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace are of great importance, which plays a decisive role on the quality of straw charcoal. Briquette machine manufactured by KMEC is excellent both in quality and performance that customers can choose according to their own materials and capacity they need. We are able to provide recommendations for you on the types and models of briquette machine.


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Kingman biomass briquette machine features good quality, stable performance and lost cost. Biomass briquette plant takes biomass briquette machine as the pivotal part of a briquetting system. Biomass material covers a wide range, including, forest waste, agricultural residue and other waste materials.

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