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Carbonization time and rate of finished products of carbonizing furnace

Charcoal production with briquette machine and carbonizing usually need four steps: crushing stage, drying stage, molding and carbonizing stage. Each link in these steps has its own notices. For example, in the crushing stage, users need to control the moisture content of raw materials, which should not be less than 40% normally. In the molding stage, the moisture content should be within 6% to 12% to guarantee the quality of charcoal. Generally, the carbonizing period of carbonizing furnace for dry wood is 8 hours. The carbonizing speed varies with carbonizing furnace of different sizes. The carbonizing time of carbonizing furnace of small production is two hours shorter than the carbonizing furnace of large output and the carbonizing time of the earth kiln is longer than the carbonizing furnace. With the right operation, usually 2.5 tons of materials can be produced into a ton of charcoal. While in the process, the temperature of carbonizing furnace also need to be strictly controlled to avoid raw or burnt charcoal.

carbonization of carbonizing furnace
Two carbonizing ways of carbonizing furnace: 1. The spontaneous combustion type carbonizing furnace. It makes use of the heat produced by surface oxidation combustion (flameless) after ignition of briquettes in the furnace. In the process of decomposition, combustible gas, tar and charcoal would be produced. The combustible gas would blend with a small amount of oxygen in the furnace and then more heat would be produced resulting from the oxidation reaction, further maintaining the furnace temperature and providing the heat needed by briquettes decomposition. 2. Destructive distillation carbonizing furnace uses the external heating source (firewood, combustible gas, electricity, coal) to heat the furnace and generate heat to make the briquettes decomposed. No matter spontaneous combustion type or destructive distillation carbonizing furnace, the process is carried out under the condition of hypoxia.
Performance analysis of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace: 1. High capacity, low price and low power consumption; 2. High applicability, suitable for all kinds of biomass forming of straw from powder to 50mm, moisture content between 5-30%; 3. Automatic electrical heating device, the humidity of material can be adjusted, solve the problem of congestion and not forming; 4. Automatically adjust the pressure and angle by using the principle of bi-directional rotation of thrust bearing to make the material not crowded and keep stable discharging and molding; 5. High degree of automation, less labor, artificial feeding or conveyor feeding can be used.

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