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What inspection should be made before running charcoal briquette machine

Equipment used in the production of charcoal are mainly composed of four parts: the crusher, dryer, biomass briquetting plant for sale and carbonizing furnace. When these equipment have been assembled into a complete production line, customers need to make a careful inspection for the

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crusher, dryer, biomass briquetting plant for sale and carbonizing furnace before getting the equipment into the running condition. In addition, raw material inspection is also an important step before production. The moisture content of materials is related to the production quality of charcoal as well. In theory, the most appropriate moisture content of raw material is 6%-15%. In the production process of charcoal, the raw material should be crushed in the crusher for crushing processing first, and then the crushed material would be sent into the dryer for drying to meet the requirements of briquetting. After that biomass briquetting plant for sale is used for the forming of briquettes. Finally, the briquettes produced would be sent into the carbonizing furnace for the production of high-quality charcoal.
Before production, the following four steps should be made as the inspection of the equipment:
1. Machine commissioning. Turn the host shaft for 2-5 rounds under the condition of powering off to check whether the rotation is normal and smooth and whether the occlusion between the gears is close or not.
2. After confirming that the rotation is normal, connect the power supply and start the motor to check whether the system operation is stable and whether the engagement of each link is compact or not.
3. Start the dust removal equipment to check whether the pump pressure is normal and whether there are phenomenon like air leakage or pressure instability.
4. Put a small amount of raw materials for pre-production, check the quality of the charcoal is qualified or not carefully. If it is not qualified, analyses where the problem may appear and solve it timely.
As our country becomes more and more concerned with environmental protection, mechanical charcoal production manufacturers’ requirements on the quality of charcoal is also raising. As a result, mechanical charcoal of energy conservation and environmental protection is produced through the research of technical personnel. Mechanical charcoal takes sawdust, shavings, agricultural waste straw and branches as raw materials through the processing of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Charcoal produced in this way has regular shape, high strength, uniform clearance, good thermal conductivity and higher calorific value than the original charcoal. It is combustible and burn resistant. Due to the advantages of smokeless, tasteless, less ash and pollution-free, it is widely used in restaurants, hot pot restaurant, barbecue department and health department. 

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