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How to repair the screw pitch of propeller in briquette machine for sale

We call the distance between the two screw teeth the screw pitch. The tooth diameter of the head screw tooth and the second tooth increases in taper direction, while between the third tooth and the ninth tooth, it has equivalent width and height, the effect of which is merely conveying materials forward and would not wear generally in the production of briquette machine for sale. When the raw materials are sent forward to the first two screw grooves (gradually narrowed), the volume gets smaller and the volume ratio is the pressure ratio. Preferable ordinary electrode with poor flow property can be used to make spot welding gradually in the original screw head and heighten into a circle, then thicken the looping of the screw so as to make the heightening of the teeth easier. Then, repeat the screw head surfacing until it can meet the expected requirements. The grinding machine is used for coarse grinding of the screw head after surfacing, and then use alloy powders or carbon tungsten for welding together with fine grinding of the barrel.
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Get to know more about the welding technology of propeller

Simply using ordinary electrode is suggested for beginners for easier repair and avoid unnecessary waste. At last, R Angle processing should be made on the root of screw head. The surface of screw head should be smooth without cracks or pores. As a result, friction resistance can be reduced as far as possible in the production of briquette machine for sale, so as to avoid bursting crack. Generally, the screw head should be replaced after using for 1-2 days whether it wears seriously or not, which is convenient for surfacing and has less difficulty for angle alignment. It has the extremely vital significance for the production of briquette machine for sale. For the wear problem of forming cylinder, there is no need to replace the whole.

In the repair of screw head,the operator should pay attention to the oversize or undersize of screw, inclination or the tooth diameter of the first and second tooth. In the production, sometimes the head screw need to be moved front and back slightly. The angle of screw should take the rear teeth as the reference, otherwise it would lead to unsmooth feeding. Besides, the surface of tooth socket and tooth wall should be flat and smooth. 

The repair of the screw pitch of propeller in briquette machine for sale need to be learned and mastered gradually by the operator through actual practice. If you encouters any other problems in the production of briquette machine or briquette plant, please feel free to contact us.

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