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Three factors for the success of briquetting

The test has shown that there are three factors which affect the briquetting process--they are dryness of raw material, the appropriate propeller and the proper temperature for briquetting.

1.  The moisture content of raw material. The briquette machine has high standard to the moisture content of raw material. The required moisture content is about 5-12%. If the moisture content is below 5%, the material has bad adhesive ability and is difficult to convert, the finished product of briquette is loose and not strong enough; if the moisture content is over 12%, the briquette is soft with low density.
Raw Material
In general, moisture content of fresh material is about 50%, it needs to be dried by the drying machine for 1-2 times. If the material can be dried under sunshine for 1-2 days, then the time for drying can be reduced to 1time. All in all, the material for briquette should be dried for at least one time.

Then how do we test the moisture content of material? In general, we can inspect from observation and touch by hand. As long as we accumulate our experience, this method is workable. At first, we can touch the outer shell of the separator by hand touching, if it feed hot, it is ok; the second is that we can observe the color of the material which just discharger. If it is yellow, then it is up to the standard. The third is to grabble the material by hand. Using hand to knead the material hard, release them quickly. If the material can be spread completely, it is ok. If all the requirements can be up to the standard, then the material is proper. Of course, this should be tested by the briquette machine. If the machine is in normal operation and the finished product is up to the standard, then the moisture content is proper.
ZBJ-LX Briquette Machines

ZBJ-LX Briquette Machines

2.   Propeller :The finished product is qualified or not is decided by the quality of propeller. The propeller is a quick wearing parts, the top of it is rotating in fast speed and has friction force with the material, so it is easy to wear significantly. When the angle of surface is small or the surface become not smooth with spots, the finished products are low in quality or even without discharging. At this time, the machine should be repaired according to the instruction of engineers, so the machine can be up to the standard. As long as the engineers often research, it is easy to master the skill.

3. The working temperature of briquette machine: Temperature of cylinder of formation should be controlled at about 260-320 degree. The temperature depends on the material. At first, we should know that increasing the temperature is to soften the lignin in the wood to increase the stickiness, which are beneficial to the compression. If the temperature is high, the material is soft too much, the discharging speed is too fast, but the briquette is not strong enough. If the temperature is low, then the material has low stickiness, the briquette is not strong with cracks. So we have to master the proper temperature for briquette through repeated test. In general, the bamboo material has low temperature, it is proper to keep them at 260-280 degree. The temperature for sawdust is about 280-300degree properly, and the straw or husk is about 300-320 degree. Of course, the temperature should be considered about the real moisture content of material. Even for the same material, the temperature for briquette is different.  In addition, the surface color of briquette can not too deep, brownish black is ok.


Biomass Briquette Machine
Biomass briquette machine is known as forming machine and it's an kind of essential equipment in the production line of charcoal making. Our biomass briquette machine can press the wood wastes to solid briquettes after high temperature and pressure which make full use of the remainder of farm and forest wastes..
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