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The feeding steps of carbonizing furnace

Carbonizing furnace is the indispensable part for charcoal production. The smokeless and tasteless charcoal made of agricultural waste straw, wheat stalk, rice husk, peanut shells, wood, sawdust and other raw materials sells well on the market currently. In the past, the carbonizing furnace is used to produce log charcoal, now the household refuse and wastes are used in the production of charcoal, which makes great contribution to the environmental protection industry and the shortage of natural resources. In the carbonization of charcoal with carbonizing furnace, the briquettes should be placed uniformly in the carbonizing furnace. Thus, they can be heated better. Customers not familiar with the operation of carbonizing furnace can consult the following steps:

operation of carbonizing furnace

1. Close the furnace door when it is filled with briquettes.
2. Lighting the ignition spark in the furnace.
3. Open the induced draft fan.
4. Close the upper vent.
5. Opened the lower vent.
6. Regulating the valve of the smoke vent until the smoke can flow out smoothly.
7. Remove the ignition furnace when there is dense smoke from the smoke vent.
8. Install the flange of the fire mouth.
9. Induce air continuously. 

In the operation of carbonizing furnace, the operator should pay attention to the ignition position, gas and temperature of the furnace. Know more about the using rules of the carbonizing furnace before starting. When the carbonizing furnace is working, the changes of carbonizing temperature will produce a lot of holes. Then, the absorption will increase under the influence of these holes with the change of temperature and the operating speed would accelerate as well to get higher efficiency. Operation for a long term would lead to varying degrees of damage of spindle nose, so repair and maintenance of the spare parts should be paid attention in the normal operation of carbonizing furnace.

The following content should be noticed in the daily operation of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace:
1. After a long-term operation, the belt pulley of the motor must be checked and repaired to find out whether engine oil should be added or whether there is dirt to be cleaned up so as to increase the service life of the machine.
2. Sometimes, the belt of briquette machine would loose after working for a long time, then the rotating speed would reduced a lot, which is the cause of lower production of briquette machine. Thus, the belt tightness inspection should be made regularly.
3. Check if there is a larger load in the working of the motor. Work on load for a long time will damage the motor, thus affecting work efficiency of the machine.

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