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Can all the raw materials be carbonized with carbonizing furnace?

There are lots of materials that can be carbonized with the carbonizing furnace, such as the firewood, logging residues, the leftovers of miscellaneous wood in forest tending, leftovers (sawdust) of wood processing plant, etc. These materials, in addition to the sawdust, which is granular and need to be carbonized with special carbonizing furnace, carbonization, are logs mostly and can be carbonized with most of the carbonizing furnace. But not all of the raw materials can be carbonized with carbonizing furnace.

carbonizing furnace and biomass briquette machine

Carbonized materials of tree species can be divided into three categories:
(1) The first type is hard broadleaf timber, cyclobalanopsis, German oak, Castanopsis sclerophylla, elm, etc;
(2) The second type is soft broadleaf timber, such as poplar, willow, lime, etc;
(3) The third type is the softwood, such as pinus massoniana, pinus finlaysoniana and pinus elliottii.

In addition, the decayed wood and disease dead wood are unfavorable to be used as carbonized materials, because charcoal produced by the decayed wood is loose, fragile and prone to spontaneous combustion, the quality is greatly reduced. To produce the charcoal of high quality, carbonized materials had better to have uniform size, generally the diameter of which is required not more than 10 cm. If the diameter is too large, it should be split. The length of split line should be less than 12 cm.

Along with the increasing seriousness of environmental pollution, the mechanical charcoal produced by carbonizing furnace has become the hottest product on the market. It can not only save the cost of production of charcoal, but there is no waste pollution of the environment in the process of production. Therefore, it well meet the need of the current social development and environmental protection. The briquette machine and carbonizing furnace used in briquette and charcoal production receive the strong support of relevant state departments, bringing good news for the clean of environment. The quality of mechanical charcoal produced by carbonizing furnace varies, which is mainly affected by two factors.

1. The carbon content of good charcoal is higher, the burning time is lasting, and less harmful gases such as carbon monoxide is produced in the process of combustion. It is decided by three aspects: the raw material quality, production performance of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace and the operating personnel's technical level. Not a single one can be omitted if you want to improve the quality of the charcoal.
2. The operation of the briquette machine and carbonizing furnace is also related to the quality of the charcoal. In the process of production, to improve the quality of charcoal, the operator must ensure the normal order of the parameters in the operation of the briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, which requires experienced operator who is able to cope with all kinds of anomalies to guarantee the machine working normally and achieve the result that improves the quality of charcoal.

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